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Photoshop Tutorial #4

Today's photo with a vintage twist.

I've always loved how "old" photos looked and isn't it great that I can create that effect now with good ole photoshop!

Original photo:

1. Duplicate the background image (command J).

2. Set foreground color to white and background color to white.

3. Click on the half black/white circle at the bottom of the layers window and go down to gradient map. The duplicate layer is now a black and white image.

4. Change the opacity to 50%, so the full color background is slightly visible giving it a muted look. Now flatten all the layers.

5. Duplicate the background image again and set the layer mode to 'Soft light' and at 50%.

6. Now create a new layer (blank) and take your eyedropper tool and click on the brown area.

7. Fill the layer (option + delete or shift F5) with that brown color.

8. From the top menu bar, go to 'Filter' and slide down to 'Noise'--> 'add noise'. I put in 40 for the amount and made it 'uniform' and checked yes for monochromatic.

9. Then take your burn tool with a large brush and burn the outer corners. Your layer should look like the below.

11. Change the opacity to 60%.

12. Set the layer mode to 'Overlay' and you're done!

Before and after comparison.

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